The other week I shot this photograph, I had a completely different concept all mapped out but unfortunately one of my models and dear friend had been injured and could not do the shoot. Not wanting to waste the day and determined to photograph something I came up with a few concepts but as somethings go […]

  Shawn Dulaney is a NYC based artist who’s works are delicate and subtle paintings that are abundant with lush colours and muted detailing. William Zimmer of the New York Times says “Ms. Dulaney makes it clear that her inner life is very much a part of each painting, and this alone distinguishes it from most abstraction… Shawn Dulaney […]

A few months ago when I stumbled across the artist and photographer JeeYoung Lee I was blown away by her drive to create such intricate and beautiful photographs. JeeYoung creates these elaborate and dreamlike images inside her minuscule studio in Seoul, Korea. What makes me admire her is that she isn’t letting the limitations of working in such […]

“Kate Bernauer is a Australian artist, whose work explores the absurdity of everyday existence through large-scale photographic and video works.” In this series of images, Kate Bernauer explores the bittersweet nature of human experience. Using theatrical lighting and simple props, she creates scenarios in which ordinary people attempt impossible tasks, blind to their own folly and to the potentially disastrous results of […]

The landscape, or precisely nature, is the dominant subjects of Ellen Kooi’s work. The placement of a human within the splendor of her chosen landscape attempts to both honor and yet be humble within the astounding beauty of nature. The human’s often don’t face the camera and are frequently in ‘animal’ like poses that elicits […]

To kick things off I thought I would introduce myself so you have a little idea of my history, what drives me to create and how I found myself here. . . My name is Sian Grahl and I’m a physically disabled 23yr old Conceptual and Fine Art photographer. I grew up in the small hippy town […]

I am a photographer, a conceptualiser, an artist, a daughter and an all round lover of everything creative. I, Sian Grahl, am embarking on this blogging adventure to feed not only my own creative hunger but hopefully yours. Here you will be able to delve into an online world of art where you can discover artisans of […]