“Kate Bernauer is a Australian artist, whose work explores the absurdity of everyday existence through large-scale photographic and video works.”

In this series of images, Kate Bernauer explores the bittersweet nature of human experience. Using theatrical lighting and simple props, she creates scenarios in which ordinary people attempt impossible tasks, blind to their own folly and to the potentially disastrous results of their actions. Darkly humorous, Bernauer’s images serve as poetic metaphors for hope, determination and ultimately, failure.

It is rare that we as artists and photographers ever study just one thing on its own, devoid of context or environment! Most of our visual experiences rely on being able to make comparisons and contrast between one thing and another. This derives pleasure and displeasure from interrelationships between objects!

Kate_Bernauerkate_bernauer_01 kate_bernauer_02kate_bernauer_03 kate_bernauer_04Kate_Bernauer6 kate-bernauerThe_Fruit the_sawwww.eroglamour.com-8-photographer-kate-bernauer


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  1. These are amazing shots. The lighting and conceptualization, in particular, are one of a kind.


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