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To kick things off I thought I would introduce myself so you have a little idea of my history, what drives me to create and how I found myself here. . .

My name is Sian Grahl and I’m a physically disabled 23yr old Conceptual and Fine Art photographer.

I grew up in the small hippy town of Bellingen, in Northern NSW Australia, with a multi-talented and artistic family. There were always paintbrushes and canvases lying around, guitars and bongo’s waiting to be played and all in an incredibly supportive environment. Around the age of eight I discovered my dad’s Leica film camera and ever since then I’ve been photography crazed – spending my last cent on film and all the latest gizmos.

In high school I started developing my own film in the dark room and it was at that time in my life that I acquired a taste for using my photography as a means of expression. I was a rather shy and timid child so I relished in being able to visually communicate things I would not have been able to verbalise.

Today my work mainly revolves around creating confronting and thought-provoking pieces, in which I attempt to challenge people’s views and ideologies. I do this through orchestrating my emotions into images that are highly conceptual and abstract. I question what society thinks of disabled people and the impacts an individuals actions can have.

I’m constantly inspired and driven by my hopes to enlighten and educate. I want my photography to be challenging yet atheistically rich and alluring. I want to make imagery that stretches the dimensions of the fantastical and the real, to create a surrogate for reality in a surrealist and conceptual way yet still have it reflect on our times and society. Exploring the landscape of people’s mind in a nonlinear approach is essential to my style and artistic goals. Through my photography I want people to understand that, although people may have limitations, it is still possible to separate a person from the wheelchair they sit in, or the cane they use etc.

Now living and working in Sydney, I have very recently taken the plunge out of the financially safe world of corporate life and into living full time in the bizarre universe inside my mind.

Bellow is a sample of my work so far.You can checkout more of my work on my website, flickr, & Facebook

The Edge of ReasonLaviniaShe WolfUntitled_Sian_Grahl copy


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