The other week I shot this photograph, I had a completely different concept all mapped out but unfortunately one of my models and dear friend had been injured and could not do the shoot. Not wanting to waste the day and determined to photograph something I came up with a few concepts but as somethings go I just wasn’t getting into it.

Creating this image (see below) was definitely a challenge but at the end of the day that’s what I enjoyed about it. It may not be what I set out to do but considering the the circumstances and time frame I’m happy with the final product. I have another photograph from this day that I have yet to work on but I’ve decided to tackle this next week or so – when I have fresher eyes and can dedicate all my time to it. Something may or may not materialise but that’s not what matters, I want to stay driven and to be able to say that I tried.

A massive thank you to Whitney Foster Photography for helping with everything and the BTS photos. My dear friend of 16 years Aria for being my model, putting up with my shenanigans and being an all round trooper. And last but not least Cordelia for all her help and perfect fog machine technique.


Nocturnal 30x30

Behind the Scenes:

edit 4
edit 2
edit 3



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  1. Very creative! I just had to stop to read and look while scrolling thru the reader. You go!


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